Saturday, February 24, 2018

Review: The Rooster Bar

The Rooster Bar The Rooster Bar by John Grisham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars. As usual I was not disappointed in this book by John Grisham. I love books about the law and especially if the scenarios are realistic.

In this case there are four friends who attend Foggy Bottom Law School. One of the friends has bipolar illness, but he is very smart. He uncovers a huge "scam" in the way that law students are recruited. Most of the students at Foggy Bottom are not really qualified to be studying the law according to their marks. But they are accepted and given huge student loans; unbelievably large sums of money go to the school.

Most of the students are in debt to the tune of over $200,000 and with no prospects of decent jobs and no way of ever being out of debt or even of repaying the loans. The average number of students to pass the bar exam is less than 50%. What chances do these students have!

I was very interested in this because I do believe this happens everywhere. Loans are given out to young people (and older people) right here in Ontario and I hear of people who have to hide in order to avoid repayment because they can hardly afford to live let alone pay loan payments. It was impressed on them that if they go to college they will get good jobs. This is usually not the case as to work at any type of job these days require a degree. Starting off their lives with at least $70,000 is just not fair.

A great read with lots of "meat".

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