Monday, April 6, 2020

Review: Open and Shut

Open and Shut Open and Shut by David Rosenfelt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an excellent read and so happy that I found this series. And, best of all, there are quite a few in the series to look forward to.

This is the first of the series, but unfortunately I will probably have to read them out of order, but it will be a feast anyway. The first in the series caught my eye because of the golden retriever. We lost our lovely golden a couple of years ago and we have Buddy now. But Rusty is still a big miss.

The story involves a favour that Andy's father asked of him just before he died. They were both lawyers and his father had been a prosecutor. He wanted Andy to try to get a case appealed where the man was on death row for murder. He didn't tell Andy why he wanted this, but just asked him to do it.

After Andy's father died, Andy discovered things about his dad that may, or may not have been about the case in question.

A very enjoyable read.

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