Saturday, April 18, 2020

Review: Heart of a Killer

Heart of a Killer Heart of a Killer by David Rosenfelt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great story, kept me turning pages and guessing.

I love his Andy Carpenter series, a lawyer with the Golden Retriever, Tara, & I have to give Rosenfelt a lot of credit for running a dog rescue operation while writing crime novels. This might be the best book I've listened to by him, a stand alone.

The main character is a rather lazy, directionless, dissatisfied lawyer, a drone. There are two main threads; a woman who wants to donate her heart to her daughter & a computer terrorist wreaking havoc. Both are very believable, give plenty of food for thought, & come with ready-made twists.

Donating your heart is suicidal, but so is jumping on a grenade & both are heroic. Yet the first is illegal, while the second is not only legal, but praiseworthy. Our hero must solve this dilemma among other things.

With all this going on, the book could have bogged down, but it never did. The characters all popped & moved it along to a conclusion. I won't say more about that, but the journey is a lot of fun.

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