Saturday, May 27, 2017

Review: Fifteen Dogs

Fifteen Dogs Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

a moral fable, especially one with animals as characters.

I listened to this audio book that was narrated by the author. Hearing the voice of the author helps tremendously in understanding what the he wanted us to take away with us through the story. I especially loved the setting of the story as it was where I was raised and went to school in Toronto, the Beaches area. The streets named were all familiar to me and especially their mention of Prince at the end who moved in with a family on Neville Park, which was my street in my primary years.

The story itself was amazingly imaginative. The gods Hermes and Apollo make a bet regarding dogs and how they would react if they were given the intelligence of humans. They took fifteen dogs from a veterinary hospital and allotted them human abilities.

It was not actually a huge stretch for me in believing what the dogs could do because I have been the very lucky owner/companion of four dogs in my lifetime and have always been aware of how smart dogs truly are.

The book made me laugh at times and it brought me to tears more than once.

I loved this story.

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