Saturday, October 26, 2013

Camouflage by Bill Pronzini

Camouflage (Nameless Detective, #36)Camouflage by Bill Pronzini
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Camouflage hits the right buttons. Nameless, supposedly semi-retired but still working four or five days a week, has two cases at the moment. Camouflage hits everything right on the button. The dual plots are wonderfully paced with just enough information and nothing more.

Pronzini strikes a perfect balance and catches the horror of violence. Each character in the book is believable.

I loved "discovering" this "new to me" author. He has a lot of clout:

Mystery Writers of America Awards "Grand Master" 2008
Shamus Awards Best Novel winner (1999) for Boobytrap
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (1998) for A Wasteland of Strangers
Shamus Awards Best Novel nominee (1997) for Sentinels
Shamus Awards "The Eye" (Lifetime achievment award) 1987
Shamus Awards Best Novel winner (1982) for Hoodwink

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