Friday, April 1, 2022

Review: The Last House on the Street

The Last House on the Street The Last House on the Street by Diane Chamberlain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In two voices, Ellie from the 60s and Kayla from current times.
Kayla has lost her husband to an accident that happened while
he was working on their new-build house which they both designed.
Kayla father helps look after their little girl Raine but has
decided that its time for them to move to the house. It is a huge
house and far too big for them, but she does move in.

Meanwhile we are hearing about Ellie's involvement in the civil
rights movement, going to the houses of the poor in the south and
helping them know how to sign up for the vote. They are all waiting
for LBJ to sign the bill putting this voting rights into law.

Current time; Kayla has moved in and has visited her neighbour, Ellie.
She is back from where she has lived for the last 30 years to care for
her brother, Buddy, and her mother. Buddy has congestive heart failure.
Originally Ellie seemed friendly and invited Kayla to practice yoga, but
she has all of a sudden done a turn about and has told Kayla that she 
doesn't have time because of caring for her brother and mother. Kayla was
perplexed by this, but said that she understands.

The next time Kayla drives past their house she notices smoke coming from
the back, then flames. She got out of her car and went running to try to
see what was happening. She was able to get help and they were able to put
the fire out.

The story is told by two voices, Kayla and Ellie. Ellie from back in the
1960's and Kayla 2010. As it goes we learn all about Ellie as a young person.
She joined the civil rights movement and worked hard one summer. But we learn
a lot about what it was like back then and a lot about the KKK. Ellie had
been going out with Kayla's father back then until she met the love of her
life during her time working for civil rights.

An excellent read, couldn't put it down.

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