Saturday, February 16, 2019

Review: Chase

Chase Chase by Linwood Barclay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Linwood Barclay may have written this book for a younger audience but I am not young and I loved it. Of course I always love stories that feature a dog, but this has the elements of intrigue and danger, plus some very interesting characters.

Jeff is living in the aunt's fishing camp as his parents had died the previous year in a plan crash. Mr. Barclay always does such an excellent job in creating the atmosphere of a camp and probably, or maybe, that is due to his early childhood and his actually living and growing up at a camp in Ontario. Whatever the reason, this story frames the scene so well and puts you right in the midst.

Chipper, an experimental dog from a lab is scheduled to be "put to sleep" and on his own he decides that escape is his only option. He does have an idea of where he will go and with all the computer equipment at his disposal, off he goes. He is determined to find a boy named Jeff Conroy as he knew his parents and knows what really happened to them.

An excellent read. There is a part two called Escape which I am just about to start now so will soon know how the story ends.

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