Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Review: Walking with Peety: The Dog Who Saved My Life

Walking with Peety: The Dog Who Saved My Life Walking with Peety: The Dog Who Saved My Life by Eric O'Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anyone who knows me probably knows that if a book is about a dog I will give it five stars. But in this case the book really is a five star book. Its the true story of Eric O'Grey. I loved listening to the audio of this book and especially since it was narrated by the author himself.

Eric was in a terrible place with his health and his life when he accidentally saw a Bill Clinton interview on tv and he looked very good. He commented that he had been on a plant based diet and he attributed his good health from that.

Eric took that little gem of information and started looking for some answers as to what exactly that type of eating is. Up until this time Eric had been on many different diets and would lose a bit but then gain more. His eating was out of control and he was unhealthy and he had no quality of like at all. He was on many medications to control things such as diabetes.

After quite a search he managed to find a doctor who was willing to take care with him and to help him with the new type of eating. This new doctor had some other ideas about how to exercise and gave him the advice to "get a dog" to walk with.

Eric had promised himself that he would do whatever he was advised in order to help himself. So away he went and got started.

The book is also full of excellent ideas and advice on good eating habits and after finishing the book I went out and made a proper stir fry with some lovely spices since the book had my mouth watering for a lot of the time.

There is also some sad times and I shed a some tears while reading this great book.

An excellent read.

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