Friday, April 13, 2018

Review: Blink

Blink Blink by K.L. Slater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Toni is a widow whose husband was in the forces and who died while in Afghanistan. They have a little daughter, Evie. As well, Toni has her mother close by for support. Toni and her husband were not good with money and therefore Toni finds herself in bad straits financially. She makes a move into a house that will be cheaper to keep in Nottingham and also be closer to her mother. Toni also is not adjusting well and grief still overwhelms her most of the time.

Little Evie has just started school and has not adjusted as yet and Toni has just started a new part-time job.

One day before the little family has time to adjust Toni is stuck in traffic late getting to the school to pick Evie up. Just at that time the little girl disappears and it is feared that she has been abducted.

A terrific story with an ending that you would not have predicted.

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